Contacts and information


Vapsy: Contacts and information about webmoney exchange service in israel.

 Contacts and information

Administrator: Alex Nechaev
Address: Israel, Netanya, str. Shderot Niza 20
Phone: (+972) 0587100071
WMID: 235246523132 [Check]

Partner office in Rishon LeZion: Str. Hertzel 73, company "Express Change".
phone: 03-9580194

Partner offices in Bat-Yam: Str. Rotshild 29,
company "M.A.D.K"
Phone: 03-506-6311

Partner office in Haifa: Str. Shalom Aleichem 1.
Phone: 058-7100071 Alexander

Partner office in Netanya: str. Herzl 15

Note: courses in partner offices could differ from those online. Courses Site are valid for payment by bank transfer.


Warranty and Liability:
We are a certified member of WebMoney Transfer, all of our data including passport, residence permit, etc. checked and verified. Project Administrator (Nechayev Alexander E. [2m0rr0w2]) is active commercial activities on the Internet with the 2002, and has only positive feedback from customers and partners. Our service is registered in Israel, and we provide a receipt (heshboniot w) for all services provided. This project owner is "Vapsy Internet Service"
Business Registration No.: 323528752.
License Ministry of Finance No. 71809.

Disclaimer (Waiver of Liability):
Goods and services, offered by us as a Merchant are not provided on order or by request of a person or entity, running WebMoney Transfer System. We hereby act as an independent entity providing services and making independent decisions on pricing and offers. Entities, running WebMoney Transfer System do not receive any commission, interest fees or any other awards/refunds for the provided goods or services and are not liable for our activities. Verification, performed by WebMoney Transfer System only confirms the accuracy of our contact details and proves our identity. Verification is performed by our own free will and doesn't mean or show our connection to the commercial activity of WebMoney Transfer System Operators.

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Working 5682 days, serve more than 9000 people, average transaction time is 68 minutes